Soil Mixes for Lawn Over-seeding

Soil Mixes for Lawn Over-seeding

Adding new grass seed to an existing lawn is a great way to improve the lawn’s health, thickness and overall appearance. However, sowing seed directly onto a lawn with hard soil and even a small layer of thatch is guaranteed to produce very poor results. For best results, we recommend a 5-step approach:

  1. Mow your lawn to a height of 1 ½”
  2. Water your lawn the evening before you aerate
  3. Core aerate your lawn
  4. Once aeration is done, over seed
  5. Top-dress your lawn

Our Top-dressing mix is a perfect medium for germinating grass seed. Just add a starter fertilizer and water regularly. If you’d like to take a more “natural” approach try one of our soil blends for the lawn that incorporates compost.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix turns up the power of our top-dressing mix with the addition of organic compost.

When you are over-seeding your lawn, the mushroom compost in the Enriched Topsoil Mix and in our Premium Topsoil Mix provides optimal topdressing as opposed to simply covering the seed with topsoil. Acting as a type of slow-release, organic plant fertilizer, the mushroom compost in the Enriched Topsoil and Premium Topsoil Mix helps hold moisture against the seeds so they can germinate faster while preventing birds from eating them and wind from scattering them.


At Tim Wallace Supply we offer several lawn mix options for over-seeding:

  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix
    • 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand and 25% organic compost
  • Top dressing Mix (also a perfect base for laying sod)
    • 50% topsoil and 50% fine sand
  • Enriched Topsoil Mix
    • 50% topsoil and 50% mushroom compost
  • Premium Topsoil Mix
    • 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand and 25% mushroom compost

All of our Soil Mixes for Lawn Over-seeding are available for pickup or delivery. Garden Mix and Top-dressing Mix are kept ready, and can be picked up in 1/2 cubic yard increments. All other Over-seeding mixes are blended “on demand” by the full cubic yard. Our delivery minimum is 2 cubic yards.  Call us at  (630) 759-5552 to set up your home delivery.

To learn more about our Soil Blends for over-seeding your lawn, visit our Soil Mix Supply website.