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In addition to beautiful plant material, many of the landscape materials are available at our Bolingbrook Garden Center for your convenience. Dry pulverized topsoil, sand and gravels along with boulders and natural stones are fully stocked there. Spend some time to compare bark mulches and decorative stones to finish your landscape beds.

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Shade trees, ornamental trees, evergreens, perennials and deciduous/flowering shrubs provide quality, winter hardy plants for your landscape projects. Shrubs and perennials flowers (perennials come back every year) are available in containers – potted – making them easy to handle and plant. B & B – Balled and Burlapped shrubs and trees are field grown, landscape grade, larger specimen plants.  We are in Zone 5 and we grow in Zone 5 – USDA cold hardiness system.

Plant display areas have sidewalks for your convenience; however we recommend proper walking shoes. There is a lot of ground to cover! We grow the reliable traditional plants as well as the contemporary varieties and Proven Winners® you have been looking for. Stroll through the Plant Catalog on line before you head out to our Garden Center.

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Are you picking up plants?  Did you bring a tarp?

If your new plants won’t fit completely inside your vehicle, exposed foliage should be tarped.  Cover leaves to protect them from the ‘wind’ created on the drive home.  When your plants arrive home they will benefit from a good drink of water.  Sprinkle the foliage to cool them off.  Hold plants in a shaded location until planting.  Continue to water to maintain as needed before and after planting.

Our Bolingbrook Garden Center is open year round.  Plants and landscape materials are available as weather permits for pick up or delivery.

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