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Tree Spading

Create instant shade to your property!  Add structure and scale to your homes landscape design with large sized trees and evergreens.  Need privacy or have an existing tree that needs to be moved.  Specialized equipment is what you need to get that job done right.  Our truck mounted hydraulic tree spade can move trees up to 8” caliper and evergreens up to 12’ tall.

Caliper is the diameter of a tree trunk measured at 6” above the ground for trees up to 4” in diameter/caliper.  Trees which are greater than 4” sizes are measured at one foot above the ground level.  Deciduous trees – trees that drop their leaves in the fall- are not measured by height.  They are measured by caliper.

Evergreens (spruce and pine for example) are plants that have evergreen needles rather than leaves – generally speaking.  Evergreens are measured by height from the ground level up.   Evergreens up to 12’ tall can be moved with our tree spade.

Access is critical for moving plants with the truck mounted spade.

The spade is 9 feet wide and 30 feet long with the spade up.  The spade creates a hole 6 feet wide and 4.5 feet deep.  So make sure we have room!  Other factors that will be considered are overhead utilities, structures, other existing tree canopies.   Look out below!  Easements, property lines, underground public utilities, pipelines, sprinklers, private gas/water or electric lines, pavement and curbs all need to be considered.  The spade truck alone weighs 17 ton.

If you are considering installing or transplanting large trees into your property we suggest you have your property marked for utilities in the planning phase so you know what you are up against. J.U.L.I.E. is a free utilities marking service. Dial 811.  Marking for utilities is required before any digging.  J.U.L.I.E. does not mark private utility lines.  Private lines are the responsibility of the property owner to mark and protect.   Tim Wallace Landscape Supply is not responsible for private lines, disclosed or undisclosed underground features of any kind when contracted to move plants with the hydraulic tree spade truck.  Damage to pavement, curbs, sprinklers or lawns are the responsibility of the property owner.  Lawn repair estimates will be quoted as a separate contract after transplanting is completed should such estimate be requested by property owner.

No warranty or guaranty is offered on plants transplanted with the hydraulic truck mounted tree spade.  All watering is the responsibility of the property owner and is critical for a successful transplant.  Expect to devote more time monitoring, watering and caring for these large trees the entire first year and into the second year as well.  These plants will be more susceptible to hot weather and windy conditions requiring additional monitoring/watering for several years after transplanting.

tree-spade-b tree-spade-a tree-spade-d tree-spade-c

Tree spading projects are quotes individually after physical site analysis is completed by Tim Wallace Landscape Supply staff.  A copy of a current plat of survey will be needed prior to site analysis being performed or estimate completed.  Utility marking, signed contracts and deposits will be required to schedule this work.  Property owner is responsible for any local ordinances or planting restrictions.

Larger trees are best moved when dormant.  Before ‘bud break’ for deciduous trees in early Spring or later in the Fall when leaves begin to drop.  Summer digging is too stressful for trees/evergreens and is discouraged.  Evergreens are moved best before new growth is the Spring or after the new growth has hardened off – or matured later in the season.

Keep in Mind…

Plants which are early Spring dug and Balled and Burlapped can be planted anytime during the growing season with great success. Our growing season is Mid-April to Mid-October depending on the weather. Trees up to 4” caliper are available Balled and Burlapped from our Bolingbrook Garden Center if this option is more feasible for your site. Balled and Burlapped material are ‘hand dug’ when they are installed making access and utilities less of a factor.

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