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Having the warm glow of a fire is as easy as One, Two, Three!


Select the variety of wood –Mixed Hardwood, Oak, Hickory or Cherry


Mixed Hardwood

Our most popular variety.

Mixed Hardwood is good for indoor fireplaces or outdoor fire pits and campfires. Most economical.



This classic firewood tends to burn longer and generates the most heat.

Great when used indoors or outdoors.



This is the go to choice for most smoking enthusiasts.

It burns hot and adds delicate flavor to open barbecuing.



For a great fragrance and decorative blue flame cherry is the popular choice.

Excellent firewood for indoor burning.


Select the Quantity of Firewood that’s right for you.

  • Firewood Bundles – Conveniently wrapped with a handle are $4.99.
    •  Bundles are always dry and available Inside the Bolingbrook Garden Center year round.
  • Half Wagon Loads – Easily fits right in your trunk!
    •  $30 for Mixed, $33 for Oak and $34 for Hickory or Cherry
  • Wagon Loads – Drive up and load your trunk or SUV.
    •  $50 for Mixed, $54 for Oak and $55 for Hickory or Cherry
  •  Half Face Cords – (2’ x 8’ Palletized) Most Popular Size Palletized for Pick up –                                                                                                                        Don’t have a truck – No worries- We will set your pallet aside if you need to make two trips!
    • $87 for Mixed, $97 for Oak and $98 for Hickory or Cherry
  • Face Cords – (4’ x 8’ One Full Pallet) Palletized for Pick Up or Delivery.                                                                                                                                           Full pallets can be forklift loaded in your truck or trailer, set aside for hand loading or we can schedule a delivery to your home.
    • $150 for Mixed, $170 for Oak and $174 for Hickory or Cherry
  • Full Cords – (3 Face Cords/3 Full Pallets) Stock up for the season! Delivery is available –
    • $429 for Mixed, $486 for Oak and $495 for Hickory or Cherry


Select Pick up or Delivery

Pick Up – Quantities of wood from Bundles to Full Cords are available for pick up during regular store hours at the Bolingbrook Garden Center.

Delivery – Local delivery is available for Face Cords or Full Cords. Minimum delivery is one Face Cord.                                                                                                                          Firewood will be dumped on driveway.   $60 – Local Delivery Only

SAFETY FIRST – Check your local ordinances for recreational burning.  Always have a water hose/water bucket ready to use when burning outdoors.     Only you can prevent wildfires.

Spark up some Fun around the Fire! Call to schedule your Delivery Today!


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