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Landscape Materials


  • Valley View Lawn Edging
    • Professional Grade – 20′  sections with 4 pack of steel stakes
    • Extra steel stakes available in 4 packs, 8 packs and Bulk
    • Connectors, corner angles and T connectors
  • Steel Edging
    • 10’ section with 4 stakes
  • Aluminum Edging
    • 8′ sections
    • 16′ sections
  • SRW Landscape Fabric
  • Fabric Staples
    • Individually, 50 Packs, or Bulk
  • Diamond Paver Edge – 8’ sections
  • Flexible Paver Edge – 15’ sections
  • Steel Edging Stakes
    • Available in 4 packs, 8 packs or Bulk
  • Steel Spikes – Available in 10” or 12” / Singles or Bulk


Exclusively available at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply, high quality sealers and cleaners at a reasonable price help you maintain the beauty of your paver patio.  Our house brand sealers and cleaners save you money. Produced by Surfkoat.

  • Paver Sheen – Paver Sealer and Joint Sand Stabilizer
    • Gloss Finish
    • Solvent Based
    • Coverage 125 – 150 square feet per gallon
    • One Gallon and Five Gallon Containers
  • Paver Seal WB – Paver Sealer and Joint Sand Stabilizer
    • Matte Finish
    • Water Based
    • Coverage 125 – 150 square feet per gallon
    • One Gallon and Five Gallon Containers
  • Efflorescence Remover – Acid Based
  • Rust Remover
  • Citrus Degreaser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Problems with your current sealer? We have the solution for you!
  • Surface Aid
    • Re-emulsifies solvent based sealers to allow trapped moisture, which presents as a milky haze, to escape.
  • Nock Off
    • Sealer Remover – Strips old sealers for a fresh start.


  • Paver Adhesive
  • Evolution Polymeric Sand –  Beige, Grey or Black –  The ONLY poly sand you will need.  For Joints  from 1/16″ up to 4″ wide!
  • Dry Sweeping Sand
  • 18″ Round and 18″ Square Concrete Steppers with exposed aggregate Surface 
  • Concrete Downspout Splash Blocks
  • Mulch Stabilizer



Five grass seed blends…

  • Landscape Sunny Mix
  • Premium Mix
  • Sun / Shady Mix
  • Contractors Mix 
  • Super Shady Mix – Available in 5# and 10# Bags 

Are available in two size bags…

  • 10 Pound Bags
  • 25 Pound Bags

When considering coverage for seeding areas, estimate three pounds per 1000 square feet for over seeding.  Estimate six pounds per 1000 square feet for new lawns. Consistent watering is essential for seed germination and new lawn growth. Don’t forget to water! Hedge your bet with a layer of straw mulch or straw blanket.

  • Straw Bales
  • Straw Blankets – 8’ x 112’
  • Erosion Blankets – 8’ x 112′
  • Penn Mulch

4” drain tile can be cut to your required length at the Garden Center or load up 100’ rolls.

  • Solid
  • Perforated
  • Perforated with Sock

Don’t forget to pick up Solid or perforated caps, connectors, elbows, T’s and Y’s for tile work.

We invite you to visit the newly renovated Garden Center

for the products you need for Landscape and Gardening success.

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