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Natural Stone and Boulders

Considering all the options, Natural Stone is best selected for the cut needed for your project. Often the same stone type is available in different cuts or shapes. This allows you to coordinate your hardscape elements – matching stone retaining walls with a flagstone seating area or outcropping stones with a stone fire pit for example.

Natural stone is generally sold in banded pallets pre-weighed at one and a half tons which is 3000 pounds. For quantities of one ton, but still less than a full pallet a re-bundling charge will apply. As stone is a natural product, color variations may appear.

Natural Stone can be forklift loaded for pick up. We can also set your pallet off to the side if you need to make a couple trips to bring it home yourself. Have Tim Wallace Landscape Supply deliver your stone to your site with our truck and forklift. – Forklift Delivery Details

Hand Picked Stone – Individual pieces of various stone types and sizes are available in the Hand Picked Stone Area in the Bolingbrook Garden Center. The Hand Picked Stone Area is located next to the wood shed where you will find prospectors of all ages selecting the perfect stones for their special projects. Rock gardens, ponds, waterfalls, fairy gardens – maybe you just need a few steppers in your garden.

Grab a big red wagon, load your treasures and pull the wagon onto the small scale across the driveway by the office. Wagon weight is deducted. Any stone in the Hand Picked Stone Area is sold per pound.

Retaining Wall Stone

Also known as cut drywall, retaining wall stones are pre-cut rectangular block sections of stone approximately 2-3” thick, 8” wide and 1-2 feet long. Sized are randomly blended on each pallet. Most often used for small retaining walls or edge stone. They are useful building blocks for planters and water features too! When estimating Retaining Wall Stone one ton will cover approximately 18 face feet.

Chilton Weather Edge

Desert Creek

Eden Eden Weather Edge
Oakfield Sandy Bank


Flagstones are larger pieces of limestone 1.5 – 2” thick and generally 2-3 feet across. Pallets are banded and contain a mixture of sizes and are pre-weighed at 1.5 tons – 3000 pounds. Most often used for patios, sitting areas and walkways when a natural stone look is desired.

When estimating flagstone needed for your projects, measure the areas to be covered in feet. Length x width = Square feet. Each pallet covers approximately 120 square feet. Divide total square feet to cover by 120, the square foot each pallet covers, equals the number of pallets needed. As stone is a natural product there may be color and size variations.


Desert Creek




Steppers are small pieces of limestone 1.5 – 2” thick and generally 12 -18” across in random sizes. Steppers are versatile in every garden. Mix them with flagstone when building patios or walkways. Add a few steppers to make paths for access to water faucets, control boxes and pool equipment. A stepper path in the garden allows for easier maintenance with a natural touch. If a pallet is more than you need, steppers are always available in the Hand Picked Stone Area at the Bolingbrook Garden Center.


Desert Creek



Out Cropping Stone:

Outcropping stones provide the element of an established landscape. These are large pieces of stone 6 – 8” thick and vary in sizes from 2’-4’. Outcropping are versatile when used in natural groupings on slopes, to provide vertical dimension when building water features and make a solid accent stone.

Outcropping is sold by the ton. Delivery and placement are available. Placement are quoted per site conditions and access. When setting outcropping stones plan on having topsoil available to help blend them naturally into your site. Estimate half cubic yard of topsoil for each stone. – Forklift Delivery Rates Apply




Eden Weathered Edge

Holy Boulders


Incorporate Boulders into your landscape and gardens for accents that endure the test of time. Construct traditional retaining walls, ponds and water features with boulders. Strategically placed boulders provide natural traffic control on your property. Boulders are sold by the ton; however, individually selected boulders can be purchased at a slightly higher rate per pound.

Please take Note: Delivery of boulders comes with a slightly different set of rules. For obvious reasons, boulders are not dropped on paved driveways or public streets. Boulders need to be dropped onto lawn/dirt areas to prevent damage to pavement. Truck tires pull to edge of pavement and dumped onto lawn/dirt area. Homeowners must mark and protect sprinkler heads and other yard accessories prior to scheduled delivery. Homeowner assumes all responsibility for sprinkler heads, yard accessories and lawn/grade damages from scheduled dump of boulders in their yard. Rent our tree cart to maneuver boulders in your yard. – See Rental Equipment Available


Wisconsin granite cobblestone is stocked in four size ranges. We have just the right size for your project. Cobblestone presents in a blend of gray and pink. Smaller sizes are popular as an edger stone for planting beds and are often inlaid on a base material level with pavement to construct driveway flares.

Tractor loaded cobblestone are sold by the ton. Cobblestone is available hand-picked for smaller quantities or individual boulders at 22¢ per pound picked up. Minimum delivery is one ton to local area.

Please note Boulder delivery restrictions above.

Helpful Hints for Estimating Cobblestone

Approximate number of Boulders per ton:

3”- 6” Size 140-175
7” – 12” Size 45-65
12” – 18” Size 15 – 25
18” – 24” Size 3-6

Coverage – Estimated Square Feet Area or Face Feet for Walls per Ton

3”– 6” Size 30 SF / Ton
7” – 12” Size 15 – 20 SF / Ton
12” – 18” Size 9 – 12 SF / Ton
18” – 24” Size 3 – 6 SF / Ton

Running Feet Coverage (Used as Edging-approximate Numbers)

3” – 6” Size 70 Running Feet Per Ton
7” – 12” Size 42 Running Feet Per Ton
12” – 18” Size 24 Running Feet Per Ton
18” – 24”Size 8 Running Feet Per Ton
3-6 inch Cobblestone
7-12 inch Cobblestone
7”- 12”
12-18 inch Cobblestone
12” – 18”
18-24 inch Cobblestone
18” – 24”

Aqua Blue Boulders

Aqua Blue Boulders are dense, angular granite boulders. We stock size ranges 6” – 24”. Aqua Blue Boulders are often used in water features, and pond development and when a unique accent boulder with a darker color is desired.

Aqua Blue Boulders are sold by the ton when tractor loaded – scooped from the bin. Please note Boulder delivery restrictions above. For individual boulders or smaller quantities the handpicked rate of 50¢ per pound will apply. Visit our material yard and pick a winner!

8-12 inch Aqua Blue Boulders 12-24 inch Aqua Blue Boulders

Mexican Pebbles

Mexican pebbles are imported from California. We carry black, unpolished Mexican Pebbles in five sizes from 2-3” to 12- 18” boulder sizes. These are smooth stones which offer a fascinating accent to your landscape. Most often used with fountains, ponds developments, or as an accent stones. Larger size boulders can be incorporated into your design in many ways. Let your imagination run wild! Generally, Mexican Pebbles are sold by the pound handpicked for 75¢ per pound for quantities less than one ton. For Quantities of one ton or more – the ton rate would apply. Please call for ton pricing. Also please note the boulder delivery restrictions above.



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