Tree Moving

Tree Moving

Do you need a large tree moved? We have just the equipment for that! Our truck-mounted hydraulic tree spade can move trees with trunks up to 8” in diameter, and evergreens up to 12’ tall! Our tree spade is 9’ wide and 30’ long with the spade up, and makes a hole 6’ wide and 4.5’ deep, so please keep that in mind when requesting this service. We would need plenty of room to maneuver the truck with the tree spade on it.

Some important things to consider when planning for a tree to be moved, would be to know the locations of your property lines, easements, underground public utilities, pipelines, sprinklers, private gas, water, or electric and cable lines.  Pavement, curbs, or other hardscape structures should also be considered, as our truck alone weighs 17 tons. Property owners are responsible for following any local ordinances or planting restrictions.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply will call J.U.L.I.E. to locate the utilities before any digging begins, but it would be the homeowner’s responsibility to locate and mark the property lines and other private lines and/or sprinkler systems. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply is not responsible for any damage to pavement, curbs, sprinklers, lawns or other hardscapes. Lawn repair quotes can be quoted separately after transplanting is complete, should the homeowner wish to request one.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply does not offer any warranty or guaranty on plants transplanted with the hydraulic truck-mounted tree spade. It is important to water the transplanted trees, and give them a little extra attention the first couple of years in their new location. They may go through some stress in the move, but as their roots grow and they become established, they should bounce back just fine!

Tree spading projects are quoted after a site analysis is completed by a Tim Wallace Landscape Supply staff member. A copy of a current plat of survey will be needed prior to the site analysis. Once the utility marking is done, contracts are signed, and deposits are collected, we can schedule this service!

Please keep in mind that larger trees are best moved when dormant, before bud break in early spring, or later in the fall when leaves begin to drop. Summer digging is very stressful for the trees and evergreens and is discouraged. Evergreens are best moved before new growth in the spring emerges, or after the new growth has matured later in the season.