Garden Center

Garden Center

Welcome! Open to the public year round, we are located at 1481 West Boughton Road in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Our 5 acre facility is west of Weber Road, on the south side of Boughton Road. The entrance is between the big red Santa Fe Caboose and our Aunt Millie’s Barn. Parking is available in the front lot, but if you are pulling a trailer you may pull through the main driveway gate.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply Garden Center offers homeowners and landscape contractors alike everything needed to create beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces! We have a great selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials that are grown locally in our own nursery in Plainfield, Illinois! You will find the reliable traditional plants as well as the newest varieties that you have been looking for! If you aren’t sure about what you want, our experienced staff is available to assist you with your selections. You can take your new trees and shrubs home with you, or get them delivered and even planted for you through our Same Day Delivery Service and our Planting Service.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply is also the place to go for topsoil and soil blends that we mix on site, many different kinds of mulch, and a large supply of different types of decorative stone that will enhance any project the homeowner wishes to tackle! Being the first Chicagoland Unilock Dealer, we have all of the products needed to select, install, and maintain your own paver creations! Use Tim Wallace Landscape Supply’s Paversheen or Paverseal for a professional finish at a fraction of the cost. Landscape Yourself and $ave!

Inside the Garden Center

Although most of the nursery stock and landscape materials are located outside, all purchases are completed inside the Garden Center’s main building.  We have a scale inside to weigh the Hand Picked Decorative stone that are sold by the pound. Homeowners can bring in 5 gallon buckets, recycle bins, or even garbage cans to fill with their choice of decorative stone. We also have a small scale outside that a wagon can fit on to make weighing landscape materials easier for the customers. If a truck is needed to pick up materials, Tim Wallace Landscape Supply even has a truck scale to weigh those larger loads.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply also rents power equipment to help the homeowner save time and money on their landscape projects! We can rent everything from an aerator to a dump truck to haul your own materials purchased from Tim Wallace Landscape Supply! Just give us a call and let us help you get your project started!

In the Landscape Supply Yard

Outside the store, Tim Wallace Landscape Supply has a Wood Shed where the different ‘flavors’ of firewood is kept dry year round. We also sell straw bales year round as well. Past the Wood Shed, we have a Saw Shop where pavers and blocks can be cut. Please mark your cuts because we cut on the line you mark. Put an ‘X’ on the waste cut, or the part you DON’T need. There is a one day turn around for cutting pavers and blocks.

Speaking of pavers and blocks, Tim Wallace Landscape Supply has pallets of various Unlilock pavers and wall blocks available for pick up or delivery. If help is needed to determine how much is needed for a project, our experienced staff can do that! Bring in your measurements and ideas and we’ll help you get all the materials you need!

If Natural Stone is what is needed for a project, come by and check out our supply that we have on site! We have outcropping stones, steppers, flagstone, and cut drywall all in stock in our materials yard. The cobblestones and boulders we sell are popular elements for many landscape projects as well.

In the supply yard at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply, we keep our pulverized topsoil in a covered building so it stays dry and readily available for delivery or pick up. We also carry mushroom compost, horse manure, organic compost, and many soil blends that are blended on site.

The mulch at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply comes in many colors and consistencies, from our Double Processed Hardwood and Pine Bark Fines to the chunky Western Nuggets. It is worth the trip to come take a look at the different types, and even take samples home to see how they would look in your landscape!

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply also carries construction materials like road mix gravel, limestone screenings, pea gravel, large and small river rock, rip rap, and course and fine sand. We carry EVERYTHING you would need to turn your yard into a beautiful paradise you can’t wait to come home to!