Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery offers homeowners a diverse selection of decorative landscaping stone. Finish your landscape beds with the perfect decorative stone that will accent your home for years.

After considering your options below, we recommend you visit us to make your choice. Decorative stone is a natural product, it may have slight variances. Our Bolingbrook facility features an indoor display that lets you see each decorative stone up close.

Decorative landscaping stone is a personal choice, so we want you to be confident in your selection (plus, once the stone is loaded and dumped there are no returns). Request samples at our main counter and we’ll give you baggies for collecting them from our outside bins. This way, you can take them home and compare them with your brick or siding.

We also stock professional-quality landscape fabric and poly lawn edging to finish your project right. Measuring your decorative landscaping stone is highly recommended. To do so, measure each area to be covered as length x width in feet = square feet. Add the amounts for the total square feet to be covered. Then take the total square feet to be covered and divide by the coverage of your chosen stone for the total tons needed. All coverage is based on a 2” depth.

The minimum for tractor-loaded pick-up is a half ton. The minimum for decorative stone delivery is one to 12 tons per load. Each delivery includes a charge. More about our delivery service

The Bucket Program

Need just a little landscaping material – or maybe just a little more? This program is for you! Bring your own container (e.g. five-gallon bucket, flat rectangular recycle bin, 33-gallon trash can) and load your own decorative stone, construction material or mulch.


American Heritage (Large)

1½”, covers 90 sq. ft.

American Heritage (small)

¾”, covers 100 sq. ft.

Antique Pink

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Autumn Smoke

¾”–1½”, covers 175 sq. ft.

Black Lava (large)

1½”, overs 175 sq. ft.

Black Lava (small)

¾” – 1½”, covers 200 sq. ft.

Blue Canyon

¾”, covers 100 sq. ft.

Blue Stone Chips

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Burgundy Lava (large)

1½”, covers 175 sq. ft.

Burgundy Lava (small)

¾”, covers 200 sq. ft.

Blue River

Covers 90 sq. ft.


Covers 90 sq. ft.

Colorado Sunset

Covers 110 sq. ft.

Desert Sandstone

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Country Red

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Crimson Red

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Glacier Green

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Golden Aztec

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Gray Slate

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Green Slate

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Gun Metal Gray

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Illinois Valley River Rock

Currently Unavailable

Merrimac (large)

1½”, Covers 90 sq. ft.

Merrimac (medium)

¾”, covers 95 sq. ft.

Merrimac (small)

¼”, covers 100 sq. ft.

Midnite Black

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Mystic White River Stone

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Mountain Creek

¾”–1½”, covers 80 sq. ft.

Mountain Red Granite

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Multi-Color Mountain Bank

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Pearl Nuggets

Currently Unavailable

Polar Pebbles

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Twilight Black Pathway

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Red Brick Chips

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Red Flint (large)

1”–1½”, covers 90 sq. ft.

Red Flint (small)

5/8”, covers 90 sq. ft.

Red Lava (Australian large)

1”–1½”, covers 130 sq. ft.

Red Lava (small)

¾”, covers 200 sq. ft.

Red Slate

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Rockwood Nuggets

Covers 175 sq. ft.

Royal Gorge

¾”–1½”, covers 90 sq. ft.

Rustic Granite

Covers 80 sq. ft.

Sunset Orange Granite

Covers 90 sq. ft.

Timber Stone

Covers 150 sq. ft.

Violet Quartz

Currently Unavailable

Western Sunrise

Covers 125 sq. ft.

Canadian White Marble

Covers 100 sq. ft.

Zebra Stone

Covers 90 sq. ft.

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