Commercial Snow Plowing and Removal Services

Commercial Snow Plowing and Removal Services

If you own or manage a business in the Bolingbrook region, you know the conditions and hazards of the Illinois winter. Ice and snow can quickly disrupt operations and even bring them to a halt. Employee and customer safety becomes an urgent matter as well.

Scattering a few scoops of salt typically won’t achieve much during a winter storm. Clearing the way requires dedicated effort and time as well as the right equipment.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply supports you with thorough and anticipative snow plowing services. We monitor weather patterns so we know how we will keep your property safer and clear even before the ice and snow arrive.

We also specialize in snow removal and deicing services for Bolingbrook-area businesses. With our comprehensive snow and ice control, your lots, driveways and walkways remain open so operations can as well.

Snow Plowing Near Me: Quick Definitions

A winter storm is a weather hazard associated with freezing or frozen precipitation including freezing rain, sleet, snow or combined effects of winter precipitation and strong winds.

Snow plowing is the moving of snow from parking lots, driveways and walkways to another part of the property that is less hazardous to people and less obstructive to operations.

Snow removal involves loading snow onto trucks and hauling it away from the property.

Deicing removes ice or frost from a surface using both mechanical means (e.g. plowing or scraping) and chemical means (e.g. applying salt or other ice-melting agents).

Snow Plowing Services: “Down to Pavement”

Attentive and proactive snow plowing services become even more important for businesses that require a “down to pavement” policy for snow or ice risk at any time during business hours in winter, such as at:

  • hospitals
  • 24-hour emergency clinics
  • doctors’ and dentists’ offices
  • pharmacies
  • schools
  • 24-hour restaurants
  • nursing homes
  • child care facilities
  • rehabilitation centers
  • medical outpatient facilities

These properties often have a lot of pedestrian traffic, including by vulnerable populations such as injured, ill or elderly individuals. Lots and sidewalks must be pre-treated and all snow must be cleared.

“Down to pavement” ensures the property receives the best possible service and outcome by removing accumulated snow and adding an appropriate ice melt product that results in a snow- and ice-free surface. With Tim Wallace’s “down to pavement” snow plowing and snow removal services, your property is among the first to be serviced for any snow event. You receive pre-event, during-event and post-event attention.

Please note that “down to pavement” service is the only option we offer. (Sorry, but we do not plow residential driveways.)

Snow Plowing Services: Highly Specific & Focused

As a responsible business owner or manager, you want operations that can stay productive in spite of the weather and, most important, keep people safe. Snow plowing service with Tim Wallace is a relationship that safeguards your best interests.

Rather than have to react to a weather event, you will have an action plan already in place.

Your snow plowing services with us will include:

complete snow plowing with the proper trucks, skid steers and end loaders

direct access to the business owner – no middleman

temperature-appropriate (rock salt or treated salt) ice-control products

itemized invoices and detailed service documentation

We do not use subcontractors for the vital duty to keep your property safe and clear. All snow plowing service professionals are Tim Wallace employees. We also have our own onsite salt-storage facilities.

Your service contract can be written to include the clearing of walkways as well. As needed, we will treat and shovel walkway surfaces to ensure they are free of ice and snow, especially at the building’s main entrances. In this way, we are truly a “down to pavement” service provider.

Snow Plowing Near Me: Contact Us Today

Anytime is a good time to start planning your program for snow plowing, snow removal and deicing in the Bolingbrook (IL) region. The more prepared you are, the more time, effort and money you can possibly save. Contact us at (630) 759-5552 to further discuss our service options and availability for the next winter season.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply does not provide residential snow plowing services.