Construction Material (Gravel/Sand)

Construction Material (Gravel/Sand)

Whether you are leveling steppers, setting posts for a mailbox or fence, installing a pool, or building a patio, we have the material you need to get the job done. You can purchase quantities ranging from a 5 gallon bucket up to a 12 ton delivery.

Construction stone is sold by the ton, which is 2,000 pounds. (One cubic yard of stone = 1.5 tons.) Prices vary depending on the stone material desired. For delivery, we have a one ton minimum, up to 12 ton maximum on one truck.

If you are using Road Mix (aka Grade 8 or CA6) or Limestone Screenings, when estimating the quantity you need, account for a compaction rate of 20%. If your coverage estimates show you need 10 ton, multiply by 20%. 10 x 1.2 = 12 tons.

All construction materials may be picked  up or delivered in our local area. Our tractors are equipped with scales to assure you an honest weight for your load. In order to get loaded, your truck or trailer must have no cap or rack for tractor loading. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply is not responsible for damage done to your vehicle during loading or unloading. Please be sure your vehicle can handle the weight.

If your truck or trailer can’t handle the weight, we have options for you.

  1. Consider the Rental Dump Truck. The rental is available to qualified drivers with valid drivers license and proof of insurance. Deposit applies. The rental is only for hauling materials purchased at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply. (Please ask about availability of rental trucks.)
  2. Delivery options are available. There is a one ton minimum, and a 12 ton maximum per load. Call us to schedule your delivery!

Fine Sand

  • Mason Sand
  • Softer, fine texture
  • Use for sandboxes, under pool liners, beach areas
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

Coarse Sand

  • Torpedo Sand
  • Commonly used as bedding layer with pavers and leveling steppers
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton


  • Small limestone particles & fines
  • Use for Pathways, Paverwork, leveling, setting cobblestone
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

3/8″ Limestone

  • Limestone chips
  • Clean rock, no fines or screenings
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

3/4″ Limestone

  • Washed gravel
  • No fines or screenings
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

Road Mix

  • ¾” crushed limestone with screenings
  • Also known as CA6 or Grade 8
  • Use for paver base, driveway gravel.
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

1½” Limestone

  • Washed gravel
  • No fines or screenings
  • Covers approx 80 sq ft/per ton

3″ Limestone

  • Washed gravel
  • No fines or screenings
  • Covers approx 60 sq ft/per ton

Rip Rap

  • 4-8” sized limestone
  • Used for drainage and around retention ponds
  • Covers approx 30-40 sq ft/per ton

Pea Gravel

  • Small smooth stone
  • Economical stone with many uses
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

Small River Rock

  • ½”-¾“ pieces of smooth rock
  • Cost effective stone for planting beds or utility areas
  • Covers approx 100 sq ft/per ton

Large River Rock

  • 1”-1 ½” pieces of smooth rock
  • Popular stone for utility areas, planting beds, dog runs & drainage.
  • Covers approx 80 sq ft/per ton.

Jumbo River Rock

  • 2-6” pieces of smooth rock
  • Used for drainage
  • Covers approx 60 sq ft/ton

The Bucket Program

Need just a little bit of stone? Bring your own container: 5 gallon bucket, flat rectangular recycle bin, or 33 gallon trash can.  Load the material you need, and pay accordingly to the size of your container.