Blend boulders into your landscape and gardens for traditional retaining walls, ponds and water features. Boulders are sold by the ton; you can also purchase individually selected boulders at a slightly higher rate per pound.

Our boulders for your landscaping are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Trap Boulders

Royal Gorge


Black Ice

Misty Blue

Weathered Limestone

Chilton Character

Holey Boulders

Please note: Delivered boulders must be dropped onto lawn/dirt areas to prevent damage to pavement. Boulders are not dropped on paved driveways or public streets. Truck tires pull to the edge of pavement and the boulders are unloaded onto the designated area.

Homeowners must mark and protect sprinkler heads and other yard accessories before boulder delivery. Homeowners also are responsible for any lawn/grade damages from scheduled deliveries. We offer a complimentary tree ball cart for your use to help maneuver boulders in your yard.