Western Products

Western Products

Western Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

snow plowAs an Authorized, Factory Direct Western dealer in Bolingbrook, Tim Wallace Landscape Supply provides sales and service of Western snow and ice control equipment. We also stock Western parts and accessories and provide the expert service you for snow plows and salt spreaders so you’re always ready for the next winter storm.

When you have your new snow plow or salt spreader installed by us, you also benefit from Western’s “2 Seasons” warranty.

Contact us about Western Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders.

New Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

snow plowWe understand that your purchase of a snow plow or salt spreader is an important investment. Western snow plows and ice control equipment offer superior quality, consistency and value.

Whether you’re a contractor treating big lots or residential driveways or a homeowner dealing with your own property and your close neighbors’, Western has the perfect option for you, such as plows for SUVs, straight-blade and v-plows for light trucks, straight- and hinged-blade plows for big trucks, and salt spreaders that attach to trailer-hitch mounts or in-bed hopper units.

salt spreaderWhenever you’re about to type “snow plows near me,” save time and skip a step by calling (630) 759-5552 to speak with the snow plow and ice control experts at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply. We can support you with the right advice to get the best products according to your needs and budget.

Truck Side–Only Option

snowplow truckAlready have a Western snow plow but about to buy a new truck – or just change trucks? Tim Wallace offers different truck side–installation options (e.g. truck mount and wiring) that provide all you need to hook up your snow plow and get to work.

To inquire about a truck-side kit, call us at (630) 759-5552 and please have the following important information ready.

For an existing Western plow:

  • How many plugs connect from the snow plow to the truck? (2 or 3)
  • Try to determine if the snow plow is a Unimount (red hydraulic pump that stays on the front of the truck when the plow is removed), Ultramount or Ultramount 2 (check the decal on either side of the vertical lift frame for this verbiage)
  • Determine the model and length of the plow (look for a decal on the back of the blade, passenger side: for example, 8 ft. Pro Plus plow or 7 ½’ HTS plow)

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t get discouraged. Just give us a call – we’ll be glad to help!

If you’re about to buy a truck, we can ensure you know which snow plows or salt spreaders are compatible with your truck according to the Western Quick Match System. If you already have a truck but need to buy a new snow plow or salt spreader, we can support you as well.

For a new Western plow, salt spreader or truck-side kit:

  • Make, year and model of truck
  • Drive train (e.g. 2×4 or 4×4)
  • Dual wheels: yes or no
  • Body style (e.g. regular cab, crew cab)
  • Engine type and size (e.g. gas or diesel, V8, V6)
  • Box length
  • Front gross axle weight rating (FGAWR) in lbs.*
  • Rear gross axle weight rating (RGAWR) in lbs.*
  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) in lbs.*
  • Type of headlamps on the truck
  • Snow plow prep-package on the truck: yes or no

*Found on the sticker near or on the driver’s-side door

Western Parts & Accessories

snowplow partsThere’s nothing worse than a snow plow or salt spreader that’s not working when you need it. We stock thousands of the most common OEM Western snow plow and salt spreader parts and accessories such as hydraulic fluid and hoses, rams, electrical wiring, pumps and motors, and salt spreader bearings and motors, to name but a few. Simply give us a call at (630) 759-5552 with the part number and we’ll check inventory for you.

If you don’t have a part number, that’s okay – we’ll just need to know your model of Western snow plow or salt spreader (e.g. Pro Plus® plow, Tornado™ spreader, Wide-Out™ plow). If need be, we can special-order most Western parts for you as well.

Western Snow Plow & Salt Spreader Repair

snow plow repairAccidents and unintended damage to your snow plow or salt spreader can keep you from getting the job done. As an authorized dealer, we repair Western snow plows and salt spreaders. Our factory-trained technicians will diagnose your equipment malfunctions for a fair, reasonable and timely solution.

We also provide warranty service on Western equipment purchased from any Western dealer. Just be sure that you have properly submitted your warranty and registration to Western. Please have your original paperwork handy for us as well.

Western Maintenance Service

Keep your Western snow plow or salt spreader ready with timely preventive service.

Our snow plow service includes important maintenance steps such as:

  • Inspect plow for fluid leaks and drips
  • Inspect operation of vehicle and plow lights
  • Replace fluid filter and reservoir O-ring
  • Inspect lift and angle rams, hoses and fittings
  • Clean and grease (dielectric) electrical connections
  • Inspect welds in plow, big box and vehicle mount
  • Inspect the mold board for cracks and damage
  • Ensure operation of all plow functions via controller

Our salt spreader service includes important maintenance steps such as:

  • Check controller for error codes
  • Run spreader through all output settings
  • Check spinner and bearings – grease as needed
  • Inspect spinner drive belt
  • Ensure operation of pintle chain or auger (if equipped)
  • Check pintle chain tension (Striker, Tornado)
  • Inspect vehicle mounting points
  • Inspect proper operation of accessory lights

After-Hours During Snow Events

salt spreaderDuring winter storm events, we are often open on Sundays and after-hours for bagged and bulk salt, as well as Western snow and ice control equipment parts. If you need support, be sure to call (630) 759-5552 to check our operational status.