Ice Melt Products

Ice Melt Products

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply carries both bagged and bulk ice melt products. Bulk ice control products are sold by the ton (equivalent to 1 cubic yard) and are machine loaded in quantities above ½ ton.

pre treat salt3 Benefits of Pre-Treating Surfaces

Snow removal is but a part of safely controlling the effects of a winter storm.

1) In order to stay ahead during a winter storm, many contractors and municipalities “pre-salt” which helps prevent snow from sticking to the pavements making it easier to remove.

2) Additionally, when salt mixes with snow, it creates a brine solution that prevents ice from forming.

3) Also, a pre-salt treatment lowers the freezing point of water, preventing ice from forming.

post treat sale2 Benefits of Post Event Ice Control Treating

Once the snow has been removed a layer of the appropriate salt can help keep the surface safe and free of ice. Salt that’s spread on top of icy pavement relies on the sun or the friction of car tires driving over it to initially melt the ice to a slush that can mix with the salt and then won’t refreeze. It’s important to choose the proper ice melt product for the ambient air temperature in which it’s expected to work.

1) Post event salting helps to melt any remaining ice or snow, preventing it from refreezing and forming black ice.

2) Post event salting also improves traction on the pavement surface, reducing the risk of accidents and slip and falls.

We carry several choices of bulk and bagged ice melt products appropriate for either pre or post event application. Please note the effective temperature point of each option.

Available in bulk or in 50lb. bags:  (bagged salt also sold by the full pallet)

  • Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride): Sodium chloride is the most commonly used salt product for both pre and post event salting. It is inexpensive and readily available. Sodium chloride works best when the temperature is above 5°F.
  • Treated Salt (Magnesium Chloride): Magnesium chloride is a less corrosive salt product that is effective in lower temperatures, down to -20°F.

Available in 50lb. bags only: (sold by the bag or pallet)

  • Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride is another effective salt product that works well in very low temperatures, down to -25°F. However, it is more expensive than sodium chloride and can cause damage to vegetation.

After Hours Salt and Parts

Often during snow events we remain open “after hours” for salt, Western plow and spreader parts. Call to check our status: (630) 759-5552.