We carry an array of firewood for your use, including mixed hardwood and cherry, hickory and oak firewood.

Mixed Hardwood

Our most popular variety and most economical wood, mixed hardwood is a great choice for indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and campfires.


This firewood provides a pleasing fragrance and a decorative blue flame when burning. Its beauty and scent make it ideal for indoor burning.


The go-to wood for many smoke-cooking enthusiasts, our hickory burns hot and adds a delicate flavor to open barbecuing.


This classic firewood generates the most heat and tends to burn longer. It serves you equally well for an indoor fireplace as for a campfire or an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Once you’ve chosen the best firewood for what you need, the next step is deciding on the quantity.

Bundles: $7.99
Conveniently wrapped with a handle, our bundles are always dry and available year round at our Bolingbrook Garden Center.

Half Wagon: $43 Mixed / $54 Oak / $63 Hickory / $69 Cherry
Head over to the black wagons by the wood piles under the shed at our garden center. The wagon’s metal divider separates each half into approximately 30–35 pieces. Your half wagon of firewood will fit easily into your trunk!

Full Wagon: $70 Mixed / $85 Oak / $100 Hickory / $110 Cherry
Use all of a black wagon to load about 60–70 pieces of firewood. Then drive up and transfer it to your trunk or SUV!

Half Face Cord: (2’ x 8’ palletized firewood) $137 Mixed / $151 Oak / $167 Hickory / $199 Cherry
Take the pallet or load your vehicle – you choose! If you wish to take the pallet, simply leave a $40 deposit to be refunded when you return the pallet.

Face Cord (4’ x 8’ palletized firewood) $218 Mixed / $265 Oak / $305 Hickory  / Cherry – Not Available in Face Cords
We can forklift a full pallet into your truck or set it aside for hand loading. If you opt to take the pallet, just leave a $40 deposit for refund when you return the pallet. If you have us set your pallet aside but not all of the wood fits in your vehicle, no worries! You can come back for a second loading trip.

Full Cord: (three face cords) $602 Mixed / $765 Oak / $808 Hickory / Cherry – Not Available in Full Cords
Stock up for the season! Take pallets yourself by leaving a deposit or arrange for our firewood delivery to your home.

Contact Us Today

Spark up warmth and fun around the fire! Connect with one of our landscaping experts for more  details about our superb selection of firewood. To the driveway local delivery is available for firewood purchases of a half face cord or more. Our standard delivery charge applies.

Safety First

Be sure to check your local ordinances before burning firewood for recreation. Always keep a water hose or bucket ready and nearby when burning outdoors as well. Only you can prevent wildfires.