Natural Stone, Hand-Picked Stone, Flagstone and Boulders

Natural Stone, Hand-Picked Stone, Flagstone and Boulders

Natural stone, hand-picked stone, flagstone and boulders offer many advantages for adding beauty and longevity to your yard and landscape.

Including natural stone or flagstone in your project can provide you with:

  • Versatility Acid resistance; can be laid on soil without concrete or aggregate
  • Density High compactness; unaffected by freezing and thawing and extreme weather
  • Safety Non-slip surface; ideal for use around pools and in other areas that can get wet
  • Durability Great strength; resistant to heat and heavy foot traffic
  • Aesthetics Wide-ranging designs and applications; available in many different colors, sizes, dimensions and thicknesses

Likewise, boulders can give your landscape an original look, effectively fill spaces and gaps, reduce your yard maintenance and even become pieces of natural art.

Visit our Bolingbrook supply yard to browse individual pieces of stone types and sizes in our handpicked-stone section (next to the woodshed, across the driveway from the office). Grab a wagon, load your stone and weigh it on the scale by the office! Handpicked stone is sold by the pound.

You can also contact one of our professional advisers to further discuss the choices and advantages of our natural stone, flagstone and boulders.

Natural flagstone  is typically sold in full, banded pallets pre-weighed at 1.5 tons (3,000 lbs). For one-ton pallets (less than a full), a re-bundling charge may apply.

If you wish to bring your natural stone home yourself, we can forklift-load it for pickup and provide you with complimentary use of a “Tree Ball Cart” to make moving your purchase a bit more manageable. Should you have to make more than one trip, we will gladly set your pallet aside to accommodate your need.

Also find out more about our delivery service!

Our natural stone, flagstone, and boulder products include:

Hand-Picked Stone 

Hand-picked stone has a wide range of applications – from dramatic rock garden beds and accent borders to a canvas for painting and decorating.  Although some of these natural stone choices can be more costly than quarried stone, they are unmatched in their uniqueness since most of  these stones are not quarried but rather picked up by hand, sorted by size and shipped. Hand-picked stone can be “hand selected” (priced by the pound) or machine loaded and priced by the ton.

Bucks Creek Cobbles

Tennessee River Flats 

Small Colorado River Skippers

Large Colorado River Skippers

Mexican Pebbles