We stock Wisconsin granite cobblestone in four size ranges with color blends of grey and pink. Our smaller sizes are popular as an edger stone for planting beds.

Tractor-loaded cobblestone is sold by the ton; you may also hand-pick cobblestone in amounts less than a ton for 30¢ per pound. Local delivery requires a one-ton minimum.

Please note: Delivered boulders must be dropped onto lawn/dirt areas to prevent damage to pavement. Boulders are not dropped on paved driveways or public streets. Truck tires pull to the edge of pavement and the boulders are unloaded onto the designated area.

Homeowners must mark and protect sprinkler heads and other yard accessories before boulder delivery. Homeowners also are responsible for any lawn/grade damages from scheduled deliveries. We offer a complimentary tree ball cart for your use to help maneuver boulders in your yard.

Approximate # of Cobblestone per ton:

Size # of Cobblestone Boulders
4-8” 140-175
8-12” 45-65
12-18” 15-25
18-24” 3-6

Coverage – estimated square feet area per ton:

Size Sq Ft per ton
4-8” 30 sq ft
8-12” 15-20 sq ft
12-18” 9-12 sq ft
18-24” 3-6 sq ft

Coverage – estimated running feet per ton:

Size Running Feet per ton
4-8” 70 running feet
8-12” 42 running feet
12-18” 24 running feet
18-24” 8 running feet