Soil Mixes for Lawn Repair

Soil Mixes for Lawn Repair

Lawn repair can address several different issues. You might have:

lawn repair1) More weeds than grass

2) Too many bare spots

3) Thin grass

4) Poor results from chemical fertilizers

If any (or all) of these problems are present in your yard –it may be time for our Lawn Repair Mix. (Follow this link to our blog post: DYI – Lawn Repair to find out how to address each of the above issues.)

Our Lawn Repair Mix combines the 3 most important products you’ll need to get your lawn looking great again:

  • Topsoil
  • Fine Sand
  • Organic Compost


Grass grows best in good soil. Topsoil (screened, pulverized black dirt) is the cornerstone of a lawn with healthy grass. Overtime, nutrients in the soil can leach out or be used up by the grass. A fresh layer of topsoil can rejuvenate a tired, nutrient depleted lawn.

Fine Sand

Sand helps reduce soil compaction and fine sand assists in water and moisture retention.


You have several options when it comes to adding compost to your lawn. Organic compost is simply recycled plant-based material and is well-suited for both the lawn and the garden. Mushroom compost generally consists of composted straw, horse manure and peat. It too can be used in either the lawn or garden. However, composted horse manure that has been aged and turned regularly is an option best suited for the garden. Our compost of choice for lawn repair is the Purple Cow Classic Compost.

Nationally known and trusted Purple Cow Classic Compost is a proven, time-tested way to add beneficial microbes, carbon and balanced nutrients to your lawn or gardening soil.

A 100% plant-based and organic component, the Purple Cow Compost improves soil structure and porosity in creating a better plant-root environment. It also reinforces nutrient retention and use while reducing nutrient loss caused by leaching. Weed seed and pathogen free Purple Cow includes humus to assist in soil aggregation and nutrient availability for the plant as well.

For repairing an existing lawn, we recommend:

  • Lawn Repair Mix
    • 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand and 25% Purple Cow Classic Compost

lawn repair mix


Our Lawn Repair Mix is available for pickup or delivery. This product is blended “on demand” in full cubic yard increments. Our delivery minimum is 2 cubic yards.  Call us at  (630) 759-1080 to set up your home delivery. To learn more about our Soil Blend for lawn repair, visit our Soil Mix Supply website.