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Planting Services

Have landscape grade ornamental and shade trees locally grown and installed professionally by Tim Wallace Landscape Supply. Select the perfect tree for your landscape and let us do the digging! Stroll through the garden center in Bolingbrook to tag your tree from scores of freshly dug nursery stock.

We will schedule planting once the planting site has been marked for utilities and a dig number is issued. Please be sure our office has this dig number so we can schedule your planting.   J.U.L.I.E.  is a free marking service which is required to be notified for utility marking prior to any digging.  Dial 811 with property information and indicate Tim Wallace Landscape Supply as the contractor.

When you are planning for your new tree, please keep in mind that utility locations, easements and existing or recently removed trees may affect planting locations for new trees.  Please care for your new tree.  If Mother Nature does not provide 1” of rain a week – you need to water.  New plants should be checked for moisture before you water.  Feel the soil under the mulch.  New plants may need a little more water, but too much is not good and will present with yellowing leaves.  Windy or hot weather are conditions which may require supplemental watering for newly planted trees.

Balled and burlapped trees – B & B Trees planted by Tim Wallace Landscape Supply have a one year warranty on the plant itself.  New trees will receive a bark mulch tree ring at time of planting.  Please retain your invoice – proof of purchase is required for warranty.  Planting/delivery cost equal to the original charge will apply for replacement trees.  One time replacement of original tree planted.  There is no warranty on sale or discounted trees.

Out of area or large loads requiring additional equipment will be considered and quote individually.  Hedge planting also quoted individually after site analysis-plat of survey required.  Homeowner assumes responsibility for lot lines, easements, and local ordinances and/or planting restriction’s.

Planting service is offered only for plant material purchased from                                            Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery

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