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Construction Material ( Gravel / Sand )


Construction Materials are the foundation for many landscape projects. At Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery we have you covered. Whether you are leveling steppers, setting a mail box post or fence, correcting drainage, filling a sandbox, installing a pool, need gravel base for concrete work or building your own patio development you will find exactly what you need. From 5 gallon buckets (See Bucket Program Below) to a 14 ton load delivered – a 6 wheel dump truck fully loaded- you can purchase exactly the quantity you need to get the job done.

Generally speaking, Construction Materials have a volume of 18 cubic feet per ton and covers approximately 100 square feet at 2” deep. One ton weighs 2000 pounds. In comparison, one cubic yard has a volume of 27 cubic feet.  One cubic yard of construction material weighs One and a Half Ton. Construction materials are sold by the ton and delivered in FULL tons with a ONE ton minimum up to 14 ton dropped on the driveway.

Compaction rate of 20% should be considered for paver base (road mix) material. Add 20% more to your estimate. Another easy way to allow for compaction is to multiply your estimate by 1.2 to increase by 20%. Example: Measurements determine you need 10 ton of base material- Road Mix. 10 X 1.2 = 12. Order 12 ton.

Pea Gravel, Small River Rock & Large River Rock are economical options to finish planting bed areas or utility areas in your yard – dog runs, trash can storage or around pools. Select the correct gauge for your project. Coverage for these materials is approximately 100 square feet per ton at 2” depth.

All construction materials may be picked up or delivered in our local area. For material picked up at the Bolingbrook Garden Center there is a truck scale. Weigh your rig empty – get material loaded – back on the scale for a full weight and you only pay for what you get – half ton minimum for tractor loading. Less than one ton – half ton rates apply. Our tractors also are equipped with scales to assure you an honest weight for your load.  Please Note: Truck or trailer must have no cap or rack for tractor loading. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply is not responsible for damage done to vehicle during loading or unloading. Please be sure your vehicle can handle the weight. One ton weighs 2000 pounds.

If your buggy just can’t handle the weight, we have options for you.

1) Consider the Rental Dump Truck – YES THIS TRUCK DUMPS!
SAVE YOURSELF EXTRA LABOR UNLOADING! The Rental Dump Truck is available to qualified drivers with valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Deposit applies. ONLY for hauling materials purchased at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply. – Get all the details about the Rental Dump Truck

2) Delivery is available to our local area. With Construction Materials delivery costs are factored into the price for delivery. There is a one ton minimum. The more material you order- the more cost effective your delivered load will be. – Get all the detail about Delivery


Road Mix

  • ¾” Crushed limestone with screenings & fines
  • CA6 or Grade 8
  • Paver Base, Driveway Gravel


  • Small limestone particles & Fines
  • Stone Pathways, Paverwork, leveling, setting cobblestone

Fine Sand

  • Mason Sand
  • Softer, fine texture
  • Use for Sandboxes, under  pool liners, beach areas

Coarse Sand

  • Torpedo Sand
  • Commonly used as bedding layer with pavers and leveling steppers

¾” Limestone Chips

  • ¾” Gravel washed
  • NO fines or screenings
  • Often used in drainage work

Pea Gravel

  • Small smooth stone
  • Economical stone with many uses

Small River Rock:

  • ½”-3/4” Pieces of smooth rounded rock
  • Cost effective stone for planting beds or utility areas

Large River Rock:

  • 1” – 1 ½” Pieces of smooth rounded rock
  • Popular stone for utility areas, planting beds & drainage


Need just a little or just a little more? This program was designed for you. Bring your own container – 5 gallon bucket, flat rectangular recycle bin, or 33 gallon trash can –and load your own material. For do it yourselfers – customer loads – no exceptions. Decorative stone, construction materials and mulch with the exception of Western Bark Nuggets are available in The Bucket Program.

Play Sand is available in bags at the Bolingbrook Garden Center.

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