Bolingbrook Mulch

Bolingbrook Mulch

Bolingbrook, IL Landscaping Mulch

The right mulch contributes both function and beauty to a home or office landscape. It reduces weeds, holds more moisture and maintains good soil temperatures, which becomes especially important in winter.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery offers Bolingbrook customers a superb selection of hardwood mulch in bulk.

Bolingbrook Landscaping Mulch: The Right Range of Choices

We carry a diverse selection of hardwood landscaping mulch to suit your personal look and style for your home or office. We also offer many of our mulches in bags at our Bolingbrook Garden Center.

  • Barn Yard Red (100% recycled hardwood mulch)
  • Walnut Brown (100% recycled hardwood mulch)
  • Jet Black (100% recycled hardwood mulch)
  • Brite Gold (100% recycled hardwood mulch)
  • Landscapers Mixed Hardwood Mulch (basic landscaping mulch, our most economical choice)
  • Landscapers Mix Fines (economically priced hardwood mulch)
  • Premium Hardwood (our most popular mulch)
  • Premium Black Oak (our darkest-brown hardwood mulch)
  • Premium Red Oak (triple-ground mulch made from oak-bark fines)
  • Southern Red Cypress (two-year mulch: breaks down slower than most landscaping mulches)
  • Western Red Cedar (two-year mulch, like Southern Red Cypress)
  • Wood Chips (basic utility landscaping mulch)
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Large / App. 5”) (long-lasting hardwood mulch in bulk)
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Medium / App. 3”) (long-lasting hardwood mulch in bulk)
  • Play Mat (uniform hardwood chips for safety under play equipment)

Bolingbrook Landscaping Mulch: Pick-Up or Delivery

Once you’ve selected your mulch, you can either pick it up or choose to have us deliver it for you.

If you’ll be picking up, be sure to use an open-bed truck or trailer without caps or racks.

If you prefer delivery, we can bring from two to 14 cubic yards of your landscaping mulch straight to you in Bolingbrook.

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