Downers Grove Mulch

Downers Grove Mulch

Downers Grove’s Source for Landscaping Mulch

When you’re planning a landscaping project for your home in Downers Grove, choosing the right mulch can make a big difference. It adds both function and beauty by reducing weeds, retaining extra moisture and keeping good soil temperatures, which is particularly important during winter.

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery provides diverse choices of hardwood landscaping mulch. We also serve you as professional landscaping advisers.

14 Types of Mulch for Downers Grove Landscaping

A landscaping project represents a look and style distinctive to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of landscaping mulch to suit the attributes you’re looking for.

  • Barn Yard Red
  • Premium Black Oak
  • Walnut Brown
  • Premium Red Oak
  • Jet Black
  • Southern Red Cypress
  • Brite Gold
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Landscapers Mixed
  • Wood Chips
  • Landscapers Mix Fines
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Large / App. 5”)
  • Premium Hardwood
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Medium / App. 3”)

Plus, if you have play equipment, we carry Play Mat to help ensure the safety of children. Made of uniform hardwood chips, Play Mat meets the Consumer Safety Commission Guidelines for playground surfaces.

Mulch Pick-Up or Delivery for Downers Grove

If you’d like to pick up your choice of hardwood mulch, use an open-bed truck or trailer without caps or racks (we tractor load). One cubic yard of mulch weighs about 700 pounds; a full-size pick-up can usually handle two cubic yards. You’ll want to be sure your vehicle can support the weight. (Note: Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle during loading or unloading.)

If you prefer we bring your mulch to you, we can deliver from two to 14 cubic yards to your Downers Grove site.

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