Glen Ellyn (IL) Landscaping Mulch

Glen Ellyn (IL) Landscaping Mulch

When you’re gardening or landscaping in Glen Ellyn, the proper mulch can reduce weeds, retain more nourishing water and maintain good soil temperatures for greater results. You can also achieve the right finishing touches for your landscape planting with the right hardwood mulch.

At Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery, we offer you the landscaping mulch you need for your project, including hardwood mulch in bulk.

To determine how much mulch you’ll need, measure each planting bed in square feet (length x width) and add them up. We can also assist you with estimating your material, so if you have questions, simply give us a call!

Glen Ellyn (IL) Landscaping Mulch: Color and Texture for Your Yard

Our range of mulch offers the diversity you need to achieve a certain look and style. To find out more about your choices, you can call us at (630) 759-5552. You can also visit our Bolingbrook facility to compare your options directly. If you need more time to decide on the right mulch, you can request free samples from our bins outside.

Many of our mulches are also available in bags at our Supply Yard and Garden Center. You can either pick them up yourself or request that we deliver your material.

Your choices of hardwood mulch include:

  • Premium Black Oak
  • Barn Yard Red
  • Premium Red Oak
  • Walnut Brown
  • Southern Red Cypress
  • Jet Black
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Brite Gold
  • Wood Chips
  • Landscapers Mixed
  • Landscapers Mix Fines
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Large / App. 5”)
  • Western Bark Nuggets (Medium / App. 3”)
  • Premium Hardwood

If your property has play equipment, we carry Play Mat made of uniform hardwood chips to help ensure safety.

Glen Ellyn (IL) Landscaping Mulch Pick-Up or Delivery

If you will pick up your landscaping mulch at our facility, simply purchase at least one cubic yard (about 700 pounds). A full-size pick-up can usually hold two cubic yards.

If you would like your mulch delivered, we can bring from two to 14 cubic yards straight to your driveway.

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