Landscape, Garden Soil Naperville, IL

Landscape, Garden Soil Naperville, IL

A well-tended garden or landscape can add great splendor to your Naperville IL property. Achieving optimal beauty and growth depends on having the right type of soil. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply provides a rich range of both pre-formulated and custom soil mixes for accommodating what you will plant. We screen and pulverize bulk soil onsite.

You can either pick up your soil or request our soil delivery. For pick-up, simply order at least one cubic yard. For soil delivery to Naperville, order at least two cubic yards (our trucks can hold up to 12).

Naperville’s Soil Suppliers

If you need a custom soil mix, we can make it to your specifications – just let us know!  With many choices of pre-formulated blends, we might also already have the right soil ready to go. We carry:

  • Premium Compost Mix 50% Mushroom Compost, 50% Organic Compost
  • Enriched Topsoil Mix 50% Topsoil, 50% Organic Mushroom Compost
  • Landscape Planting Mix 50% Topsoil, 50% Organic Compost
  • Premium Topsoil Mix 50% Topsoil, 50% Purple Cow Compost
  • Premium Garden Mix 50% Topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% Fine Sand
  • Perennial Garden Mix 50% Pine Bark Fines, 50% Organic Compost
  • Raised Bed Mix 50% Topsoil, 25% Coarse Sand, 25% Organic Compost
  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix 50% Topsoil, 25% Organic Compost, 25% Fine Sand
  • Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix 50% Topsoil, 50% Composted Horse Manure
  • Topdressing Mix 50% Topsoil, 50% Fine Sand
  • Lawn Repair Mix 50% Topsoil, 25% Mushroom Compost, 25% Fine Sand

To learn more about matching the right soil with your garden or landscape, visit our Supply Yard and Garden Center or call our supply experts at (630) 759-1080.

Naperville’s Bulk Topsoil Plus Delivery

We also screen and pulverize bulk topsoil (black dirt) and store it dry for your projects. You can pick up your bulk topsoil at our facility or request delivery priced by the yard. For more information on topsoil (black dirt), call (630) 759-5552.

Naperville’s Organic Material

By adding organic matter and nutrients to your soil, compost provides a superb amendment for gardens, especially vegetable gardens. Your choices of organic material with us include:

  • Purple Cow Classic Compost 100% finely screened plant materials (leaves, sticks and branches) free of manure, weed seeds and pathogens
  • Organic Mushroom Compost Composted straw, horse manure and peat
  • Organic Compost Recycled organic material (leaves, vegetable scraps, small twigs) turned into a rich soil amendment also known as Black Gold
  • Composted Horse Manure Aged and turned regularly; ideal for vegetable gardens

Naperville’s Landscaping and Garden Soil – Get Started Today

Our supply experts are always glad to discuss landscaping soil, garden soil or bulk topsoil (including delivery) with you. Bring your ideas and questions to our Supply Yard and Garden Center or call us at (630) 759-1080!

To learn even more about our large selection of specialty soils for the lawn and garden, visit our Soil Mix Supply website.

Gardener’s Corner

Proper soil is vital to your Naperville garden. Soil problems that can affect your garden include:

  • Type The texture and composition should favor plant development. If the soil has too much clay, it won’t drain properly. If it is too sandy, it will often drain water before it reaches roots.
  • Nutrition If the soil your plants are in is lacking the right nutrients, you’ll want to adjust the soil type or add the needed amendments.
  • pH Soil that is either too acidic or too alkaline may be problematic for certain plants. Even though many plants can tolerate a range of pH levels, you still want your soil to fully contribute to growth.

Our supply professionals can answer your questions about proper soil for your garden. Visit us or give us a call at (630) 759-1080.

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