Natural Stone for Decorative Landscaping in Homer Glen (IL)

Natural Stone for Decorative Landscaping in Homer Glen (IL)

If you’re working on landscaping in Homer Glen, finishing your beds with decorative stone is a great way to finish with a lasting accent. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery supplies you with the variety of natural stones for expressing personal style while achieving the function you need.

Because it’s a natural material, decorative stone may have slight variances. You may wish to see them for yourself so you have an even greater feel for their appearance. The indoor display at our Bolingbrook facility lets you see each product up close. You can also explore our stone bins in our vast material yard (as weather permits).

Whether you are building a rock garden, a pond or a waterfall for your landscaping, it’s good to have different choices of decorative stone. Natural varieties include retaining wall stone (cut drywall), flagstone (large limestone pieces), steppers (small limestone pieces), out-cropping stone, boulders, aqua blue boulders, cobblestone and Mexican pebbles.

We also carry professional-quality landscape fabric and poly lawn edging for finishing your project just right.

Decorative Stone Pick-Up/Delivery for Projects in Homer Glen (IL)

If you’ll be picking up your natural stone yourself, you’ll want to measure for the amount that you’ll need. To do so, measure each area to be covered as length x width in feet = square feet. Then add the amounts for the total square feet to be covered.

Next, take that total number and divide by the coverage of your selected stone for the total tons needed (all coverage is based on a 2” depth). Also please note the minimum for tractor loading is a half ton.

If you would like any assistance with ensuring proper measurements, just let us know! Our advisers are always glad to help you. We also offer delivery of decorative stone. Simply ask us to bring from one to 14 tons straight to your driveway.

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