Shorewood Topsoil

Shorewood Topsoil

Black Dirt/Garden Soil for Shorewood, IL

Landscaping can add both beauty and value to your home or office in Shorewood. It starts with the right landscaping supplies and advisers. Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery carries bulk premium topsoil (also called black dirt) for pick-up or delivery for Shorewood, IL, customers.

Wide Selection

We produce and pulverize our black dirt, including our garden soils, at our own facilities. We also keep it dry and ready in storage for you. Choose from our options such as garden mix, topdressing mix, composted horse manure and organic compost.

Garden Soil / Customized & Ready-Made

If you want or need a blend for your garden bed, we can create a specialty mix that you specify. You can also select from our pre-made blends such as enriched topsoil mix, landscaping mix, premium topsoil mix, raised bed mix and perennial garden mix. Need help to decide which one is right for you? To learn even more about our large selection of specialty soils for the lawn and garden, visit our Soil Mix Supply website. Or, call us at (630) 759-1080. 

Topsoil Delivery

Save time and effort with our topsoil delivery. Our service can bring up to 12 cubic yards right to your Shorewood landscaping site. Call us at (630) 759-5552 in the morning for same-day topsoil delivery!

If you will pick up your material, please note that one cubic yard of topsoil (27 cubic feet) weighs about one ton (2,000 pounds) – be sure your trailer or truck can handle the weight you’ll need to transport. To allow for tractor loading, the truck or trailer also should not have a cap or a rack. (Tim Wallace Landscape Supply & Nursery is not responsible for any vehicular damage during material transfers.)

Complete Shorewood Landscape Supply Including Topsoil – Contact Us

Our professionals enjoy helping our Shorewood customers develop lush, attractive landscapes with the right products and ideas.

Same Day Delivery Available to Our Local Area

Call us at (630) 759-1080 today to discuss your project and learn more about your choices of black dirt and specialty soil blends.