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Be Selective About Your Soil to Have Gardening Success

Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb with an HGTV-worthy yard or you’re just now wading into the world of gardening in Joliet, Shorewood, Plainfield or Lemont (IL), you may be familiar with the importance of topsoil in creating something that will take root.

Topsoil, sometimes referred to as screened and pulverized black dirt, is different from fill dirt, as it has been screened to remove debris. It is vital to achieving results you desire.

Topsoil (pulverized black dirt) is the two- to eight-inch layer where:

nutrients are delivered to plants

sunlight benefits the growing process

water is absorbed

other microorganisms and wildlife interact in co-active ways

Farmers are well versed in the critical nature of topsoil. In areas where rough weather or deforestation has caused topsoil depletion, agriculture is often gravely impacted, sometimes causing food shortages and other dire consequences.

When you visit our Bolingbrook nursery or go online to locate “topsoil delivery” or “topsoil supplier,” understanding topsoil (pulverized black dirt) and its differences from potting soil and fill soil will help you hone your skills in growing a garden that thrives. Having your topsoil delivered can be a great asset as well.

In this discussion, we’ll add layers to your topsoil knowledge by addressing:

the definition of topsoil and the differences between it and organic black dirt

how topsoil differs from fill soil

why topsoil is the best for gardening

the difference between soil for gardening and soil for potted plants

Dirt for Sale Near Me: Topsoil vs. Black Dirt

Although the terms “topsoil” and “black dirt” are often used interchangeably, there are differences.

Organic black dirt has carbon and wouldn’t be used in areas where a lot of planting and growing are needed, such as on a farm. The dirt can be tested and analyzed for its suitability for growing, but that can be a lot of extra work and likely require time that farmers often don’t have.

The rich and dark qualities of topsoil (pulverized black dirt) can be attributed to compost or rotted manure containing decomposing plant material. It’s used in landscaping or gardening because of its nutrient- and texture-rich qualities as well as its ability to retain water.

Pulverized black dirt has been screened and crushed until it is fine and loose and, thus, without any lumps. The aeration process that pulverized black dirt goes through with a diesel-hydraulic system makes the soil lightweight. Because of this, it’s easier to control when being leveled for a lawn.

If you’re looking for a black-colored gardening soil that’s nutrient-rich but you’re confused about which to choose, select topsoil over organic black dirt to ensure you will be providing your plants much-needed nutrients.

Topsoil Near Me: How Topsoil Differs From Fill Soil

Different gardeners and homeowners in Joliet, Shorewood, Plainfield and Lemont will have different needs that influence their choices of soil. That selection is often the key to success (or failure) in planning for a garden. It’s not that topsoil is necessarily more important than fill soil; rather, the two fulfill different roles in gardening.

Fill soil consists of broken-down rocks, clay and sand. Although it provides little fertility for plants to grow, it can add stability and filling volume to your garden or other yard projects. Topsoil, on the other hand, adds nutrients to the dirt that allow for grass and plant growth.

Topsoil tends to settle or shift over time, so if you’re looking for filler to provide stability, that is where fill soil will earn its keep. Combining the two types correctly can really get you going on the yard you’ve always wanted.

Topsoil Near Me: Why Topsoil Is Ideal for Gardening

If you’ve asked your neighbor how she manages to grow the neighborhood’s most gorgeous garden year after year, chances are she paid tribute to the topsoil. She likely also knows that most projects benefit from applying topsoil regularly, as it can be washed away, exposed to environmental factors (e.g., weeds) or depleted by foot traffic.

To reap the greatest rewards, most vegetable gardeners like to add one to two inches of fresh topsoil each year. This is particularly helpful if your vegetable garden, landscape or flower garden is prone to drying out. Adding fresh topsoil will improve the composition by raising the soil pH and getting it closer to neutral (rather than acidic).

Topsoil also is a superb medium for amendments such as clay, loam, sand, silt and peat. And again, adding it fairly often can enrich your soil’s nutrients and improve drainage, making your planting more of a breeze.

​Topsoil Near Me: Soil For Gardening Vs. Soil For Potted Plants

Topsoil is vital to any planting except potting. That’s because potting soil is not dirt but rather mulch or other combinations that wouldn’t be used for grass or ground plants.

First and foremost, topsoil is dirt, and again, true potting soil is technically “soil-less.” As we’ve established, topsoil comprises organic materials such as compost, whereas potting soil consists of materials such as peat moss and sawdust or mulch.

There is also a notable weight difference between potting soil and topsoil. Topsoil is heavy, allowing it to glom onto water and stay moist for lengthy periods. Potting soil is fluffy and airy, and its lightweight nature lets water drain from it quickly for rapid drying.

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