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Knowledge Is Power When You’re Planning

Topsoil is common to gardening and landscaping. It is the uppermost, outermost layer of soil. The depth of the soil can vary, but it’s usually within the first 12″ or so of dirt. It is vital to planting because it includes a high accumulation of the matter and microorganisms among which most of the earth’s biological soil activity takes place.

The four basic elements that constitute topsoil are mineral particles, organic matter, air and water. When combined, the different levels of each element form the framework of a particular batch of soil.

A great advantage today is the ability to acquire topsoil that has already been sourced and prepared for different gardening and landscaping requirements. You can even now order as much as you need over the phone and then either pick it up or have it delivered to you (e.g. Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Westmont, Naperville, Woodridge or Wheaton IL).

In addition to its garden and landscape applications, quality topsoil can be used to repair lawn damage, sink holes and bare spots, as well as to improve rainwater drainage.

Whether you are visiting our Bolingbrook nursery or searching for “topsoil near me” or “topsoil delivery near me” on the web, expanding your knowledge of topsoil will help guide you to the right kind for your project.

In this discussion, we’ll add to your topsoil IQ by reviewing:

the difference between topsoil and clay

proper soil pH for grass

the importance of having pulverized black dirt

understanding why calculating soil amounts is vital

the advantages of soil blends

Topsoil Near Me: Topsoil vs. Clay

Topsoil and clay can sometimes be confused in discussions about yard and garden work. To help differentiate the two, we’ll start by describing what each material is.

Clay is any mineral inorganic substance or particle that is smaller than 0.002 mm. Together, clay particles constitute soil – i.e. clay is a subset of soil.

Soil is loose organic or inorganic earth material that lies above a rock bed. It is the surface layer of most gardens and landscapes, and it is usually darker than underlying soil because of the organic matter that has built up within it.

Good topsoil has an open, loose structure that allows it to drain quickly but also retain enough water to protect vegetation from drought.

Sand, silt and clay can all be components of soil. Some people might go to a nursery looking for topsoil with the idea they’ll be getting a soil with clay (e.g. loam). However, asking for topsoil would not automatically lead to receiving soil with clay.

An easy way to differentiate topsoil and clay is to remember that topsoil refers to the soil’s location and clay is a soil component that can determine its type and quality.

Topsoil Near Me: Proper pH for Grass

Healthy lawns and landscapes in communities such as Naperville, Woodridge and Westmont require proper soil conditions. One crucial factor is the soil’s pH (potential hydrogen) level, which measures how alkaline or acidic the soil is on a scale of 0 to 14. If the soil is either too acidic or too alkaline, the grass will not develop properly.

A pH level above 7.0 indicates alkaline soil, a level below 7.0 shows acidity and a level at 7.0 classifies the soil as neutral. While the preferred pH will vary for different grasses (e.g. ornamental grass vs. Bermuda), the ideal range will typically be 6.2 to 7.0 (slightly acidic to neutral).

Fertilizers and rainfall are two factors that can influence a soil’s pH. The level should be tested before a lawn is established and should be changed only if needed. To test a soil’s pH, you can send a sample to your county’s cooperative lab extension; this will usually produce the most accurate analysis. Soil pH test kits are also available at Tim Wallace Landscape Supply.

Topsoil Near Me: What Is Pulverized Black Dirt?

Pulverized black dirt is a special blend of mixed dirt that offers optimal growing conditions for gardening and landscaping. It has been screened and crushed until it is fine and loose without any lumps.

It is typically produced with a diesel hydraulic system machine that shreds, screens, pulverizes, aerates and composts the soil. The aeration process further makes the soil lightweight and easy to apply and control, such as when the soil is being leveled for a lawn with a rake or a shovel.

Because pulverization separates particles rather than just breaking them up, it makes the soil more pliant for dispersing moisture and fertilizers. The qualities of pulverized soil make it ideal for lawns, seedbeds, and both annual and perennial plants.

At Tim Wallace Landscape Supply, we screen, pulverize and store black dirt right at our facilities. We also keep it dry and ready for projects in communities such as Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Westmont, Naperville, Woodridge and Wheaton.

​Topsoil Near Me: Calculating the Right Amount

Project planning can sometimes overlook ensuring the correct volume of topsoil. For example, you might buy and apply 10 cubic yards when you need only six.

This may also sometimes happen when a contractor orders topsoil for you. A certain amount is purchased but only a portion of it is used. This can result in unneeded expense and excess product that either overloads the area or becomes surplus.

When you are adding topsoil for a garden or landscaping feature, your best bet is to consult with a professional topsoil supplier who can help you determine the exact amount you’ll need in depth and cubic yards.

Topsoil Near Me: Advantages of Soil Blends

Planting can prosper when the topsoil contains the right elements and nutrients for the greatest fertility.

For example, topsoil that contains a lot of organic material will have a granular texture and crumble easily. That granular quality will let the soil hold mineral materials within separate soil particles, allowing for an even distribution of water, air and minerals.

To achieve specific growth and beautification objectives, soil can be blended for properties such as drainage, texture, aeration and root development, as well as retention of water and nutrients. At Tim Wallace Landscape Supply, we offer many types of pre-formulated soil blends that we mix onsite at our Bolingbrook Garden Center:

  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% organic compost, 25% fine sand
  • Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure
  • Topdressing Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand
  • Premium Compost Mix: 50% mushroom compost, 50% organic compost
  • Enriched Topsoil Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% organic mushroom compost
  • Landscape Planting Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% organic compost
  • Premium Topsoil Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% mushroom compost
  • Premium Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Classic Compost, 25% fine sand
  • Lawn Repair Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% Purple Cow Classic Compost
  • Perennial Garden Mix: 50% pine bark fines, 50% organic compost
  • Raised Bed Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% organic compost

Custom soil blends in 25% and 50% increments can be made to your specifications as well. We can also help you plan for different topsoil situations and uses, such as creating spots for new grass patches.

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